Rachel McAdams

30+ years experience creating treatment plans and administering medications. Diagnose illnesses and perform duties as an assistant surgeon.
Lincoln, NE
(765) 143-2177
Work Experience

Physician Assistant, Lincoln Hospital

Lincoln, NE January 2008 Present
  • Performed hospital and outpatient consultations for interventional radiological procedures
  • Completed patient history and physical examinations
  • Performed rounds and pre-sedation assessments
  • Performed minor non-invasive clinical procedures, including suturing and IV implementation
  • Diagnosed common and acute chronic illnesses, such as chronic pain, diabetes and asthma
  • Educated patients and their families on disease prevention, nutrition, and treatment plans
  • Collaborated with the health care team to establish and manage patient care
  • Provided excellent medical care to patients under the supervision of a Physician
  • Evaluated lab results and determine patient care plan
  • Monitored patients' condition and progress and re-evaluated treatments as necessary
  • Administered medications, sedatives, and antibiotics

Physician Assistant, City Clinic

San Jose, CA May 1976 June 2007
  • Maintained patient records
  • Reviewed patients’ medical histories
  • Assisted doctors with procedures
  • Diagnosed patients with illnesses and physical traumas
  • Created treatment plans for over 56 patients
  • Performed surgeries such as putting in chest tubes and cutting and draining abscesses
  • Provided primary medical care and emergency services for patients of Cook County
  • Administered flu and vaccine injections
  • Provided emotional support to patients and their families throughout their procedures
  • Advised and implement non-invasive treatments such as casts and splints
  • Adhered to medical standards and procedures
  • Ordered laboratory and radiological studies and interpret results
  • Collaborated with multiple physicians to determine best treatment options
  • Presented clinical cases to the department to be used as educational materials
  • Prescribed and recommended medications

EMT, University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada January 1969 May 1973
  • Ensured ambulance was clean and in working order
  • Assessed, treated, stabilized and transported seriously ill or injured patients to area hospitals and trauma centers
  • Comforted patients during transportation
  • Provided emergency medical services such as CPR and stabilization
Administer Medications
Create Treatment Plans
Interpret Lab Results
Diagnose Illnesses
Assist in Surgeries
Independent Thinker
Interpersonal Skills
Time Management Skills
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Pre-Med Biology
GPA: 4.0/4.0
Creighton University School of Medicine
Omaha, NE
Master's Degree
GPA: 3.9/4.0